CARCO Photo Insurance Inspection Info



APPOINTMENTS: Not necessary, but greatly appreciated

COST: No charge

If you have recently bought a used car and need photos taken for your insurance company, we are an Official CARCO Insurance Inspection Station, so we can take care of those photos for you and the required paperwork right away! Everything is submitted electronically and transmitted to CARCO the same day as your photo inspection. CARCO will then transmit your information to your insurance company. We are able to provide you with a receipt upon completion of the inspection and recommend that you keep this for your records as proof that you received a photo inspection in the proper time frame for your insurance company.

The vehicle photo inspection should take about 15-20 minutes, and includes a run down of your vehicle's options and add-on's in addition to about 3-4 pictures of your vehicle. Any damage on your vehicle, rust, or missing parts must be reported and recieve a separate picture. We will take care of all of these pictures for you, and assist you in understanding which options your vehicle is equipped with (especially if it's a new vehicle to you and you haven't had enough time with it to know which options it has or doesn't have). So, no worries!

Appointments are not necessary but highly recommeded and appreciated. Since we have several CARCO inspections that we do each day, we try to avoid overlapping appointments to ensure everyone a smaller wait time. Please call us at (716) 902-4397 with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Thank you!

See CARCO's website for more information...